Yesterday I had a mail from a lady, her message  was that she has done everything humanly possible to safeguard her relationship but it still did not work.



“ I gave him 8 years of my life plus 5 abortion’s. I cooked, clean, gave him money stood by him when he was down at the end of the day he still lef

He is not sure I could have babies that was his f…… Excuse. I don’t know what to do I just want to take my life” .



Her exact word. I was not sure what to reply her all I just said is that there is nothing worth taking your life for.


I am not a relationship pro or a marriage counsellor like I have always said but I believe experience is my best teacher.


So I thought to myself why is it that most modern relationship fail.


In the old days our parent were betrothed to each other the bride prize was paid and most of them lived happily ever after.



Today the case is different. Every where we turn to is either the guy is leaving the relationship or the girl has found a better guy.


What are we really doing different from our fore fathers.



In today’s modern relationship you will have  to do alot of odd sacrifice, spend money on them, buy them gift and bleed your heart out.

If you are lucky you guys will hit the alter if not you go your separate  ways with one party feeling real hot betrayed rejected and used.



I started writing down  some fact why modern relationship fail.




Patience they say is a virtue, if you don’t have patience you I’ll not last in a relationship, most people  don’t give room for a relationship to grow, they don’t nourish their relationship they just expect miracles to happen.

They are so impatient that if they don’t get what they want they will look for an escape route. They will use the slightest excuse to live that relationship


2.High expectations.

If you go into a relationship with a high expectation, you will definitely run out in know time.


The truth is that every relationship is a Mirrage. The more you look the less you see, drop your high expectations in the door of your new relationship you will succeed.


The truth be told that smooth talking guy that wears the most exotic perfume drives the latest car,  carries the latest I phone  6, has got his own flaws.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that his character will be the same as all those things that made you accept his proposal. These are two different things.

Aim to know his character if it is something you can put up with in the long run then stay if you know you can’t bolt, it will save you a lot of heart ache later on.




A lot of person’s play the choosing game. I am totally OK, with this but please stick to your choice on less other wise.

If you know you like fair ladies then is good  you stick to your choice, don’t ask a black girl out and when the the first infatuation is out, you  tell her you don’t want her again leaving her heart broken, useless and confused.





Just because you want to get somebody to play ball, you go ahead to make big promises making the other party to start day dreaming and having lots of illusion about your future together, when in the actual sense all you want to do is have fun. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.



This one is hard for me to think even as I write this post, should you persever against all odds even when its taking its toll on you.


I think its a two way thing. If you know he loves care respect and cherish you, then you can persever but when the reverse is the case then take your leave the most you can do is wish and pray, if mother nature is on your side the person may change but if he or she don’t change. Step.


This is where I will stop today, by tomorrow I will write more on why Modern relationship fails and how to make it work.


I wrote this post, because of the mail that was sent to me, I want to try to give a voice to those in abusive relationship.


Lastly there is know relationship that is worth killing yourself for.



If he or she does not love u or you don’t fit to their fairy tell standard there is some one some where that will love you even with all your flaws.


Please feel free to write on the comment section why you think modern relationship fails.


May God give you the virtue, love and understanding to make your relationship work and last till death do you path.

Xoxo CristinaVlad.