I recently wanted to buy a bag, I looked at the bag It had the most amazing colour perfect for the wedding occasion,

I am about to attend. Then the issue of fake now crossed my mind.

I believe even if you want to carry a normal bag  it should be original even if is a ten thousand naira bag so as far as its original am good.


Another thought that crossed my mind was the Linda Ikeji’s  Hermes hand bag saga. I really did not see any point of all the fuss. Because I know she is capable.

With all these thought in mind I started researching how to spot original bag from a fake.

I started asking questions. I had to buy an eBook on line on how to spot designers.


Before I tell you the tips  i researched for spotting fake bags or purse always pay attention to these point.


Price. if it’s too good to be true there is a question mark.


Evasive sellers. Always ask, if they start trying to be evasive or trying too much to defend the product then its fake.


Plastic wrapped around the handle. Be careful of bags that have plastic wrapped around its handle the natural co- wide leather does not need this rubber covering, bags that come with these protective covering might be fake.



So how do you spot an original hand bag from a fake?



The Stitching

It always good for you to look closely at the stitching of the bag. The seams and stitching of an original bag should be even and clean.


If you notice that  the stitching is sloppy, slanted and uneven then is a sign that the bag is poorly made and a fake because original owners take time to do a clean job so as to uphold their reputation.

For most counterfeit the stitches and the pockets are not always in the right proportion.


A  good  indicator  of  a  counterfeit  footprint  is  the  number  of  stitches  per  inch  (SPI)  of  the  seam.  SPI  (stitches  per  inch)  refers  to  the  number  of  stitches  in  a  single  inch  of  seam.


A  higher  SPI  count  will  translate  into  greater  overall  seam  strength,  and  therefore  a  higher  quality  handbag Authentic  designer  bags  will  generally  have  a  higher  SPI  count  than  many  of  the  counterfeits  on  the market.



The  Tags,   Check  the  inside  tags  as   they  are  a  dead  giveaway  of  a  fake.

Are  they  stamped  into  leather  or  hand-stitched?  An  obvious  fake  will  have  no  name  on  the  inside  tag.

Check  outside  tags  as  well  because  many  designers  include.  authenticity  labels  on  the  outside  of  the  bag.

If  the  tags  don’t  look  hand-stitched,    stamped,  or  are  even  it’s  probably  a fake.



The Material

The  material  can  tell  you  a  lot  about  the  bag’s  quality.  If  the  real  bag  normally  has  a  pattern  inside  then  the  fake  bags  will  mainly  have  just  one  colour  throughout  the  inside.

If  it’s  leather,  it  should  smell  like  leather.

It’s  supposed  to  be  durable  it  should  be  strong  and  well  stitched.

It  is  often  difficult  to  distinguish  by  feel  between  real  leather  and  synthetic  leather  due  to  the  former’s  lack  of  distinctive  texture  of  the  surface  layer,  but  in  general  real  leather  is  rough  to  touch,  unlike  synthetic  leather  which  is  elastic  when  stretched  with  force.


Real  leather  will  also  have  a  typical  leather  smell,  which  is  not  present  in  synthetic  materials.

There  should  also  be  little  wear  to  the  bag  and  the  bag  should  be  sturdy.


A  flimsy  bag  is  a  typical  red  flag  that  the  bag  may  be  a  fake.  Also,  legitimate  bags  use  brass  or  gold  metal,  while many fake use plastic with a layer of gold paint.



The Design

The bags design should be your first clue about is authenticity, some designs are fake.

You can easily tell by just looking at the bag, if it screams fake then is a fake.

although some may require a little more research to catch if is fake or not.

Let’s say you want to buy your favourite designers bag and you can’t recognise  the design.

Then it is probably a fake. I used the word probably because some times it might be the opposite but when you don’t recognized something then there is a question mark.



The Lining

Always pay attention to the inside lining, most fake handbags comes with cheap plastic suede to line the inner of their bags.

If the inside feels like paper rubbing together, then its not real.


A real hand may be lined with a variety of textiles, depending on the specific design but most are lined with canvas, fine monogram textile, cross gain leather, polyster or microfiber suede.


P/S check if the stitching of the lining if relevant and observe if the bag has a double stitching.


Zipper  Manufacturer

Some times we often over look the zipper, but that’s one one of the part that help us differentiate a real from a fake.


Usually the inside of the zipper will have a logo or a signature many handbag manufacturer use The same high quality zipper manufacturer.


You should note that original bags come’s with high quality zippers and the zippers run smoothly.



The Logo

Logos are often the areas they like to imitate, but usually they don’t spell it correctly or you may find a typographical error such as Carter instead of Cartier.


And the more popular the price is reduced the greater the need to be careful because its easy to be taken advantage of.


The common fake I see around is the Chanel bags. But note most channel bags have interlocking  OS instead of CS which actually makes it legal to sell but is of course a fake. They will usually snip it to make it look real.


The serial number

This one hubby thought me how to identify an original bag checking its serial number.


The serial number is a stamp inside that says brand it is usually not in all bags.

Some times the serial number may be fake but will still look different and carries a different font.


The serial number must be stamped into the fabric and not printed on the ink.


The Wear and Break

So may be you have already purchased  your bag. How your bag wears after a months tops can be a sign of its authenticity


The leather on the handle after a month should look like a good worn leather Jacket does.

It should stay intact and not bigin to fray. Zipper handles that fall off early on indicate fake.


The next time you want to purchase your favorite designer bag check out these tips. it will help you stay away from fake.


Xoxo Cristina Vlad