In few hours the Oscars will commence and all our best actress and actors including best movies that was nominated in 2015 will be announced.  I am waiting patiently. These are the categories that was nominated.


Nominees  for best pictures

1.The Big short.

2. Bridges of spies

3. Rookly

4. Madmax-Fury Road

5.The Martian

6.The Revenant

My take for best pictures will be the Martian but everybody i know  say’s the Revenant so i guess we will see.


picture credit:The Hollywood reporter

Best Actress in leading role

Cate Blanchet-Carol

Brie Larson-Room

Jenifer Lawrence-Joy

Rampling-45 years

Saoirse Ronan- Brookyln

As much as i love Jennifer Lawrence

I am going for Brie Larson, her role in the room was so touching. A  young actress with lot’s of promises for the future, and a extraordinary mother struggling under exceptional circumstance. I know these are the kind of movies the Academy judges are looking for. I hope she wins best Actress in a Leading role category.


picture credit: The Hollywood reporter

 Best male Actor

Eddie Redmayne- The Danish girl

Michael Fassbender- Steve Jobs

Bryan Cranston-Trumbo

Matt Damon- Martian
Leonardo DiCaprio- Revenant
This category  i am definitely going with the  crowed. Leonardo Dicarprio. He gave us his best in this super Adventure movie he almost got buried alive but he still got out through the storm and defeated his friend that gave him up.
picture credit: The Hollywood reporter
More of our favorite 2016 OSCAR nominee later.
As we count down to the 88 Annual OSCAR AWARDS  a whole lot of things are happening behind the scene.  The red carpet has already rolled out and fashion lovers are gonna have a field day. I can’t wait to bring you pictures of best dressed that will be show cased to night, for now lets complete the list of category nominees.
Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale- The big short. If you have not watch the movie you can watch the thriller
Tom Hardy- Revenant
Mark Ruffalo- The spotlight
Mark Rylance- Bridge of spies
Sylvester Stallone- Creed

I am so confused i don’t know whether to go with Sylvester Stallone or Tom Hardy. I will pick Tom Hardy in the Revenant. The kind of grudge he had for Leonardo Dicapirio can not be ignored he gave his best in this movie i hope he wins.



Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Jason Leigh- The Hateful Eight

Rooney Mara- Carol

Kate Winslet-Steve Jobs

Alicia Vikander- The Danish girl

Rachel Mc Adams- Spotlight


Best Animated Feature film


Boy and the world

Inside out

When Marnie was there

Shawn the sheep movie

So without wasting time, I am heading to E so as to catch every  bit of the 2016 OSCARS red carpet event. I will be updating this page on the winners for the nominees listed above plus pictures of the red carpet event for pinkypearly  fashion category.

See you soon !

Xoxo CristinaVlad