One of my key categories here at PinkyPearly is writing about the latest trends on phones and other device’s related to phone’s.

I am sorry i have not written any thing about phones, i was doing a whole lot of research. The main fact was that i was waiting for the Mobile World Congress event, so i can share with you guys the latest flag ships of phones for the year 2016

This year all the big phone company came together in Baccelona Spain to unveil their  flagship and the latest brands of their phones and some wearable device for the year. It is  an event called the Mobile World Congress. This is where all the big names in the phone world come together to unveil their latest high end phone  for the year.



HTC  is first on my list because i am a die hard HTC  fan. I can never see any fault with the this brand i love its unique feature, strong audio sound, cripys picture quality and to Crown it all its  durability.

This year HTC  has lunched three mid range phones and this is the Desire series, Desire 530, Desire 630 and desire 825.

It still got its rectangular shape, the finishing is superb and distinct from the previous HTC desire series although critics says it looks like the iPhone five. I think its different and unique.

The specs of the Desire series are average, aside from the high Audio support they also offer a  distinctive new finish.


HTC did not only  go for the normal desire single colour, they also included shimmery  micro splash scattered around the handset given it the most unique look ever.

If you are a HTC fan like me here  is it, the series of the new HTC brand set to hit the market by the 29 0f Febuary 2016 hopefully it will get to Africa in know time. You can start saving your money to purchase it.



The next brand  that wow its audience at the conference is Alcatel. They did release their latest brand for 2016 called the The IDOL 4& THE IDOL 4S.


Watching the phone on television i just could not believe that it was an Alcatel Phone. I did not see the normal plastic casing and covers that is normally associated with their phones


Apparently they have step up their A game  joining the trend of the big leagues. Looking at the phone it has a rectangular shape. It also has a metal rectangular glass construction totally different from their previous plastic phone.


The idol 4s offers a 5.5 inch Quad HD Display translation super picture and and vedieo quality. If you are counting the range of big phones you can as well count the Idol 4  & Idol 4s it looks  unique and sophisticated. I hope its internal feature will mesmerize us like the outer feature.



LG   images 

When i watched the LG presentation at the mobile congress on television i could have sworn that LG has stolen the whole show, i had to save the vedio for the purpose of this post. I did a lot of rewind and straightforward.

LG announce its next phone – the LG G5 . The new handset is a huge step change in design. It   has a Quad HD display, dual camera on the rear, and comes with a metal body with a removable battery.

The LG G5 isn’t the only announcement from LG from the show however. There’s a new line of accessories including a VR headset (LG 360 VR Headset), a 360 camera (LG 360 Cam), and bolt-on accessories like the LG Cam Plus and the LG Hi-Fi Plus.

The two bolt-on accessories take advantage of the G5’s modular nature. The LG Cam Plus is a companion for the camera. It provides better grip, gives you a shutter button and video button, offers an analogue zoom dial, as well as boosting the battery life. 

Then you have the LG Hi-Fi Plus. This has been produced and tuned in partnership with B&O Play. It’s a 32-bit DAC and amp, giving you high quality audio, but seamlessly integrated. It makes your phone a little longer, but it’s much more convenient than carrying a separate DAC.

Finally (yes, there’s more), LG has shown off the LG Rolling Bot. This is probably as close to BB-8 as you’re actually going to get, without buying BB-8. The LG Rolling Bot connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is controlled via your phone, and yes, you can control it from anywhere in the world. 

LG did announce that this device will hit the market from first week of April.

All you LG Fans here we are, with this specifications and feature i know you cant wait to grab your Latest LG Phones.




One of my first phones was Sony, It was a Sony Walkman. All i could feel then was the high audio Sony quality. For those that have used a Sony phone you can attest to this but that is in the past because Sony has upgraded so far and today we have the xperia series.  

In the just concluded Mobile World Congress Sony took time to unveil its two new “slightly higher than mid-range” handsets called the Xperia X and the Xperia XA.

The new phones both focus on the camera, battery and design. The Sony Xperia X comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor under the hood, while the Xperia XA offers an edge-to-edge display. Both will come in white, graphite black, lime gold and rose gold for Summer 2016.



Samsung       download (1)

I know Samsung fans have been itching for this confirmation  of the Samsung S7. It has just  been some few months ago Samsung released its S6 and S6 Edge brand, every body was in awe of its function, I myself i have not gotten over the uniqueness of the Samsung S6. 

While we are still  in the euphoria of the S6, Samsung has Unveiled its S7.

During its Samsung Unpacked event on the eve of the Mobile World Conference show, Samsung unveiled the two smartphones that have been subject to many  rumour and leak over the last few weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a 5.1-inch smartphone, with an octa-core processor thought to be the Snapdragon 820 considering the specifications. It also has a dual pixel 12-megapixel rear camera, that is capable of extremely clear shots, even in very low light conditions.

The phone is water and dust proof down to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, and the front-facing camera is 5-megapixels.


One of the big selling point is the on screen that displays the time, date, notifications or a personalized screen at all times yet uses very little battery power.


Samsung also unveiled a 360 degree consumer front camera for stills and video to be used in VR headsets. It has two 15 megapixel sensors, with front and rear lenses. The Gear 360 works with a dedicated smartphone app to stick the images or footage together, which can be viewed on a Samsung Gear VR headset or posted into websites such as YouTube and facebook.


Wow! what can you possibly ask for in a phone. This year Samsung and LG is trying to dominate the Android Market.  From the look of things,  every brand has really upgraded their product to a top notch level.


All you can do is wait for it to hit the market so you can go grab your spec.

In my next post i will be writing on the latest in the Apple IOS platform plus other brands that did show case their brands in this year Mobile World conference.