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Dark circles in your eyes can be so embarrassing, it can make you look 10 times  older than your age.

It is such a time waster because any time you want to go out, you will try to dab a concealer so as to cover the dark circles.

Dark eye circles have a way of spoiling a woman’s beauty and giving you low self esteem.

So what are the causes of dark circles in your eyes.

Sleep deprivation, not having enough sleep at night can cause your eyes to swell and become dark.

Alcohol, downing lots of alcohol can make the skin under your eyes to thin and become dark says doctor Mike Igwe of  Calabar Teaching Hospital.

According to Dr. Mike Allergies can  cause temporarily swollen of the eyes resulting to dark or red eye. May be you have a flu or you have been exposed to toxic smoke.

Most of the time dark eye’s are hereditary, If is hereditary there is a little bit you can do but to accept it and have a positive mind set. One thing i have noticed is that those that have dark natural eye circles still look beautiful and i mean it. Well that’s nature doing its thing.


Stress is another factor that can cause your eyes to look tired swollen and dark. Lack of of rest straining the eyes always staring on the screen without a screen protector. Example is this my blogging.  Staying up late at night watching TV can cause dark eyes.




Drinking lost of water water will help hydrate your skin and remove dark circles from your eyes, in all my beauty post i always advice on drinking loads and loads of water it is one way to keep our body balance and healthy.



Cucumber as  you already know is very good for your eyes it relaxes the eye, it also has astringent and skin toning properties to help restore your eyes.


When I want to get the best result I grate my cucumber and squeeze out the juice then I use a cotton wool to dab and apply it under my eye for 15 minutes everyday.



If the dark eyes is associated by swollen you can mix Irish potatoes juice and cucumber juice apply it with a cotton wool for 15 minutes then wash of with lukewarm water.



Tomato juice is also said to lighten skin colour. You can apply it daily around your eyes and then wash it off with plain water. These two technique above i have tried and gotten quick result in three days.



Try to do a gentle exercise of breathing in out so as to help relieve stress.



Take Vitamins E and A these vitamins are really good for the eyes. Eat lots of carrot, it has beta carotene that Is not only good for the skin but  also for the eyes.



Almond oil is a good ingredient for your eyes, since the skin around your eyes is very delicate. Apply a little bit of almond oil around the dark circles before going to bed, wash of the next morning.


I have written about the benefits of placing frozen spoon in your eyes. Leave the spoon overnight in the fridge then place  it on your eyes leave it there for 15 minutes. It will help relive your sswollen eyes.


EYE CREAM     images (1)

When things spiral out of control is time to invest in a good eye cream it can help clear dark  and swollen eyes. A  good natural eye cream is Ponds eye cream. It has a way of reliving swollen eyes and clearing dark circles.

P/S.   When you have tried all these tips and it does not work, consult a doctor some times they can be an underlining problem that needs medical attention.

If you have any other tips on removing dark circles feel free to share it in the comment section. 

This post was explicitly requested for from one of my fans, I hope with these tips you can eradicate dark circles. 

May all your wishes of having a stress free life come to pass.

xoxo cristinaVlad.