Four days ago, I wrote a post on the 12 solid tips to achieving a polish skin.  Today i will be writing on the other remaining tips on how to achieve a polish skin.


REFINED OIL     8759332-black-olives-isolated-on-a-white-background

First on our list to day is Refined oil. Refined-oil refers to how the oil was processed and the source of the oil, it also means that the oil has been bleached.


How do you know oil that are refined or bleached, example is the palm oil gotten from palm fruit, when you heat and bleached the first phase it becomes refined oil.


When we eat refined oil, it clogs the pore’s of our skin the skin looks dull and tired some times the skin may look squeezed and wrinkled, not only is refined oil bad for our skin it is also bad for our health it can lead to a serious heart problem. 


The best oils that is good for our skin is organic oil. These are oils grown naturally by farmers they don’t apply fertilizer or any of those chemicals that remain in plants.


My favorite is the extra virgin oil, I use it to cook. I also use it for my skin. When i run out of  extra virgin oil I use coconut oil. These are my two best natural unrefined oil. If you know any natural unrefined oil that has work wonders for you i will like you to share it with us in the comment section. 


AVOID SUGARstock-photo-65773187-mix-of-sweet-cakes-donuts-and-candy-with-sugar-text

Sugar has its own benefit on our body but when trying to achieve a polish skin our best bet is to minimize our sugar intake. 

  A lot of sugar intake makes your skin start ageing earlier than normal.

According Livestrong. “The sugar you eat destroys the surrounding  proteins in our skin.Since collagen is the most common protein in our body that keeps the skin supple and firm, when you eat lots of sugar it damages the collagen there by making the elasticity  of of our skin to become rigid and brittle. It can also cause the skin to thin discolor and develops rashes and infection”


I know its hard to totally eliminate sugar from our diet, but our best bet is to invest in healthier source of sugars, like the ones found in fruits.


Right now am trying to totally eradicate sugar from my day to day intake, i know its not going to be easy but that’s the prize i will have to pay to achieve a polish and healthy  skin.



Wearing cosmetics all the time can lead to blocked pores, When your pores is blocked it can lead to break out, black head and pimples. Most of the time we wear make up out into the open sun, by the time we get hit by the hot ultraviolet rays it melt makeup into  skin leading to all sorts of blemish in our skin.


The golden rule about makeup is that never sleep with make up  on your face, it can course disaster to your skin. I have written on the bad effect of sleeping with make up on your face in my post how to achieve a radiant facial skin I did explain the side effect of sleeping with make up in your face


EAT REAL LOCAL FOOD     10283-160x160 

I have always been a fan of local foods, they contain all the essential nutrients the body needs, with know added preservatives, so your meal still retains all its vitamins.


If you want to achieve a polish skin you have to cut down on processed food, energy drinks. cut down on excessive intake of fizzy drinks as fizzy drinks affects the skin collagen.


When i mean local food i refer to those meal that consist of meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables nuts and seed. You are cutting out processes foods in favor of simple and healthy foods it is seen as a really great way to eat healthy  and stay polished and beautiful.


DRINK  RED WINE              download

A good red wine with zero to know alcohol is good for your skin, Red wine contains antioxidant. Recent research has showed that grapes use in making wines contains antioxidant that eliminate the bacteria that cause acne.

Red wine contains antioxidant that help expels free radicals from your skin.

Also drinking wine can reverse your age. Red wine can help transform a dull skin to a polish complexion 

The next time you are downing your glass of red wine think of all the health benefit you stand to achieve.

Here we are! With these 12 essential tips you will definitely achieve a polish skin in 21 days.

Remember that you have to be patient and pamper your body to achieve your desired result.

 Know matter how bad your skin has gotten you can still reverse it with this simple tips Good luck!

Next on our beauty segment i will be writing on the 3 Cardinal points of taking care of your face to achieve a supple glow.

xoxo CristinaVlad