Two days ago i published a post on 12 WAYS TO ACHIEVE A POLISH SKIN IN 21 DAYS. PART 1. To day i will be writing on the remaining part of how to get a polish skin in 21 days.



SCRUB    cosmetic-cream-thyme-25652389 (1)

The benefit of scrubbing our skin can not be over emphasize. It helps remove dead skin, and open pores that are blocked. When ever i scrub my skin there is this soft velvet feeling i get oh its heavenly! 2 weeks ago  i did write on the type of scrubs that are good for our skin and the benefit of scrubbing  How to get a radiant facial skin.

Some times we do not really have to break the bank to get a good scrub. A simple DIY at home can do the trick, all my friends and family know that i like the traditional salt scrub this is because the granules are small, but note that salt can be too harsh for the skin so i add olive oil to my salt to moisturize it and reduce the brashness .

You can also check in your local store for scrubs that have small and fine granules. Please remember when going for a  physical scrub invest in the one’s that are creamy and moisturizing. Avoid scrubbing so hard it can cause tear.


Polishing our skin is one way to get a smooth velvety skin, after scrubbing the skin, it will look and feel good but when we polish our skin is like  sand papering the skin. My favorite is tomatoes body polish, It can be found in  any good cosmetic shop.  When you finish scrubbing while the skin is still a little bit moist apply your body polish. The result is amazing go figure!


I have always said that you can not achieve a radiant or polish skin without exercise. This is a golden rule for me, not only does exercise help  you sweat and open your pores it is also good for our general well being it keeps us fit smart and alert.

I always recommend the simplest of all Jumping.  If you are a busy person these exercise will help you achieve a polish skin when you wake up do 20 sets of jumping up and down so as far as you perspire you will get the same result.



Investing in a night and day cream is one way to achieve a polish skin. Most creams are too strong and do not require hot weather, if you do you stand a risk of having burns. Another good reason to invest in a night cream is that most creams work at night better when we are asleep than in the day time

The trick is that you have to pick a cream that works well on your skin type.

 You, want to add moisture while you sleep it’s the best time to do so since you can look greasy for a bit without being in public but oily or combination skin needs less hydration than dry skin.

when choosing a Night cream focus on your biggest concerns. Whether it’s acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines or wrinkles, there’s a product for you. Just make sure you find the right one.
 Give it some time. Most night creams are not going to miraculously transform your skin in one night they take days and even weeks to show their full effects that’s why i recommend 21 days. So be patient, and don’t forget to apply the product every night.

Get enough sleep. If you’re only in bed for three hours, that night cream isn’t getting much time to work its magic. Aim for seven to eight hours of shut-eye; it’s better for your health and gives your products ample time to sink in. Good luck.

After investing in a night cream look for a simple mild moisturizing day cream that suits your skin type.  Always keep your creams in the fridge for effective result and please label the product and keep the products away from children s reach.



If you want to have a polish skin you have to give your body rest, this is how the body heals and restores it self. like i stated above and even in my previous post. When you rest and sleep you rejuvenate your entire body. You give the skin time to work, you wake up feeling great and looking sharp.

Here we go, i always believe in smaller doses. I will write on the remaining tips of how to get a polish skin  part 3 tomorrow.

I am very sorry i have been inconsistent, i promise to write one or two post daily from our other sister niche. 

XOXO  Cristina Vlad