Today i don’t feel like doing anything. I wish i could stay in bed eat chocolates and down a bottle of fine Wine! well while the later may be achievable the former can not be achievable  because i have a family to tend to. Never the lest i decided to create a wish list. It is just a wish but i know one day it can be achievable.

These are my collection of wish list.

Top on my wish list is this Britt Burberry hand shoulder bag, it cost a whooping sum of 1100USD translation 220,000 naira. Lol that seem like a tall dream considering the fact that the highest amount of hand bag i have ever bought is 15ooo naira. well i guess am free to wish.



Second on my wish list is this set of lingerie by Victoria secret. This lace and silk lingerie is a collection i crave to have even if it is just a set. It will set me back on a whooping sum of 30,000 naira, this one is highly achievable. But for now it stays on the wishlist




My third wishlist is this set of MAC lipstick, primer foundation and fillers. MAC products are always on point for me and they can never do me wrong. For me they are the best make up product in the market although a little bit on the high side in terms of price. Its always on point .



I don’t want to be greedy, these are my vanity wish list for 2016, as time goes on i will be adding to the list. 

xoxo  Cristina Vlad.