Having a beautiful skin is every woman’s dream even for most men. And a woman’s best accessory is beautiful polish skin.

 Sometimes it seems impossible because we are bombarded by different kinds of pollution such as emissions from cars, factories, generators just to mention a few. As if that is not enough the hot ultraviolet sun rays that melts makeup into our skin  causing clog pores. With all this factors radiant polish skin may seem impossible.

 If you want to get a lovely skin in twenty one days you have to get ready to work you know the saying nothing good comes easy.  Yes getting a lovely skin is determination.

Whenever my skin looks dull and tired and I want to prep it up. I start making plans towards what am going to do the habits I will have to give up and so many rules. I will have to abide by  Its hard work but it’s a fun hard work after all we want a  beautiful and healthy skin.

I will  break this post into 3 parts, today i will write part one. On Sunday and Monday i will complete the remaining part .
















EAT HEALTHY                                   depositphotos_12132460-Composition-with-breakfast-on-the-table

Eating healthy is the first rule to getting a beautiful polish skin, ever heard the word you are what you eat. If you want to achieve a healthy polish skin nourish your skin from the inside out.


Eat foods that contains fruits and vegetables.

 Stock up on  Carbohydrate, Proteins, vitamins and even spice. These different type of food have their different functions and a part to play in the journey to achieving a beautiful polish skin.

We need carbohydrates to stock up on energy that we will use to work out. Proteins will help repair and build our muscle, its all about a healthy balance.

proteins are very good for the skin when we don’t eat enough protein we are depriving our skin of amino acid that go into making collagen which makes our skin strong and gives us elastic tissue which makes it supple. Good sources of protein can be found in Chicken breast, beans, eggs, fish and milk.

Stock up on vitamins they help protect our skin from free radicals and they also contain collagen, Vitamin C is very good for our skin this is because it helps eliminate skin ageing and damage cause by direct sunlight.

 My favorite source of vitamin c is tomatoes. When I want to shield my skin from sun ray’s I  heat up my tomatoes sometimes I eat it raw this is because it helps protect my skin from harmful sunlight,  another good source of vitamin C is sweet potatoes it helps smooths wrinkles.

Vitamin C is essential to collagen production.  The more collagen  we have the less greased our skin will look.


 My all time ready to go source of vitamin C is orange. These lovely fruit helps boost our immune system and improve the elasticity of our skin because of their high vitamin c content.  


Vitamin D is critical for immune system and overall health. According to my friend Dr. Doris of Teaching Hospital Calabar.  “Vitamin D is primarily made in our bodies as a result of getting adequate sunlight. It helps boost our energy levels mood and gives us healthy bones heart and nerves, skin.”


If you want to get that your dream polish  skin in 21 days invest in anti oxidant rich vitamins which are vitamin A and E good sources of these vitamins are almonds, pea butter wheat and pumpkin.

Spices. Its not only fruits and vegetables that have antioxidant sources that helps us with a beautiful polish skin. Spices such as curry, Tyme and nutmeg when added to our meal can also give us that polish beautiful skin.


  • DETOXIFY         

Detoxification is the process of cleaning ones system from impurities in the blood and liver.

To achieve a polish skin we have to detoxify our body of all those bad toxins that have built up in our blood and liver. One very simple way to do this is to drink loads of water. There are a whole lot of other ways to detoxify but water is the the cheapest and fastest way to cleans our system and get rid of toxins.


I did write about the benefit of water in my previous post about how to achieve a radiant facial skin.



Try to drink 8 to 10 litter of water, it will detoxify your body and prevent your skin from wrinkles, clog pores, black head and pimples.


The dermatologist I spoke to for the purpose of these post, says that when you drink water you immediately flush out toxins.


Another simple way to detoxify is to eat garlic and ginger. This one always works wonders for me, Just like water  ginger and garlic are natural detoxifying agent. Forget about how it taste or the smell it will leave in your breath. Ginger and garlic works wonders.

Ok guys i will have to purse here for today, by tomorrow i will continue with more tips to achieve a polish skin.

xoxo Cristina Vlad.