With the close of 2015 summer hot box office movies where we saw movies like the Martian by Matt Demon. The Revenant by  Leonardo Dicapiro.  Jurassic world by Chris Pratt.  Avengers the  Age of Ultron.  Spectre by Daniel Craig ( James Bond). Minions and Star world Awaken these titles toped last year’s movie chart.

2016 is here. I am going to be looking out for the top contenders and the movies that will be topping the chart from the look of things the top genre of movies this year will be the Super hero movies. Sci -fi. Fantasy and animated family fare.





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This movie, is one of my favorite super hero movie’s. I like the whole living through the ages thingy and always coming back and still looking young. This movie will  hit the cinemas screen on may the 6th, this 2016. Its gonna be a huge gross earner.  I cant wait to  see Chris Evans do his thing. I might be wrong but i think this  particular  Captain America sequel is really an Avengers-level movie. It features a large cast, including some major newcomers in the form of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and more.  Ok enough of the advert Marvel did not pay me. Any ways please tick this date on your calendar.



Batman is a billion dollar brand, it has topped the box office twice in a row. I think this year will not be different. This particular sequel will not only feature Batman but will feature for the first time on big screen Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  This movie will hit our screen in march but i can not ascertain the actual date. I will keep you updated on the actual date once i find out


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Hello Harry Porter  lovers, here is a movie to anticipate for. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an upcoming trio-logy of films based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  This movie is Written by RK  Rowling her self and will hit the cinema big time. I hope it will be as good as her other work if it does then it will certainly contend with those big movies above.  guess we have to wait patiently.
FINDING DORYunnamed (4)


My list for top 2016 movies contenders will not be complete without this movie. In 2015 Frozen and minions became the highest grossing animated film in history, well i think Finding Dory will knock Minions right back out of the number two position because Frozen is number one. It might even Challenge Frozen. I guess i cant conclude for now I have to wait until the movie is out.



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  I was a bit skeptical to add these one as the top 2016 contender. But when Hubby showed me the footage i was amazed. I had to include it to my list, because i know this movie will really wow its audience. If you liked Jurassic Park then this movies is a  must see for you.  The imagery from this film was mind-blowing. Nothing you’ve seen in visual effects and any other 3D effect will  work for animals, creatures, and outdoor settings  that will prepare you for what you’ll see in this film.

Alright guys its getting late, i have to tend to my daughter. Next week i will complete the list for the top 2016 movies contenders.

For now lets sit back and anticipate for the likely winners of the OSCARS come 28th of February 2016.

 xoxo  Cristina Vlad