Top  fabulous  reasons to look exquisite 

There is nothing as refreshing as an Exquisite look. It blows my mind away and I know you feel the same way or may be a little different but the thing about dressing your best is that sense of fulfillment you get when somebody compliments you. That binge of self confident when you walk in to a room and all eyes are on you… hello ladies!

The fact that you never know who you will run into and most of all because life is too short. The most important fact is that self esteem it comes with.

Every month on Pinkypearly I will be showcasing  top fabulous exquisite look of the month It’s going to span from celebrities to my stylish pal here at home.

kate middle ton

My first pick for this month is the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth nee Kate Middleton she is always on point and on top of the raider.  I love her in this pale blue dress a navy blue clutch and hat to match. Simple gorgeous earrings and a nude make up. to compliment.

she wore this outfit to the 75th Anniversary of the RAF Air cadets, at St Clement church in London.  And we know her style is called  Kate effect. So ladies here we are the next time you want to go to church or  for a wedding ceremony try incorporating this look to your wardrobe, give it your own slight touch to make it unique.



Second on my list is our very own Lupita Nyongo. She first won our heart in the movie 12 years a slave   where she won an academy award for best supporting actress along side with Brad Pitt. Ever since she has been mesmerizing us with her fashion statement. I love the all black ensemble. This photo was for a shoot for the all women celebrity shoot for Vogue magazine. Ladies whenever you have a wedding or an exquisite party here is something to try on.



My third look for this month is my friend Sandra Uleyi Itu. She is the owner and founder of Leyi Ush Styling & Consulting. I have known Sandra for seven years and trust me I have never seen her have a bad wardrobe day she is always on point. She wore this dress for a photo shoot and then removed the cape for a wedding ceremony simply gorgeous.

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My fourth and final pick for this month is Kate Winslet our very Rose character in the movie titanic. Here she is wearing an emerald green gown with a black clutch to match I love the way she owns this outfit simple gorgeous and sophisticated. She wore this dress to the 2016 SAG Awards in Los Angeles.


Here we are ladies these are my favorite exquisite look of the month. I love all these four outfits because it suits virtually every occasion.

Next on my fashion niche I will be writing about what’s in style now.

xoxo  Cristina Vlad