How to Deal with a super toxic Relation
Tips on how to let go of a super toxic relationship

broken-relationship-photo-shows-concept-sorry-letter-together-roses-ring-46266421  A toxirelation is an unhealthy relationship between two couples. This is a situation where you are in a relationship with some body everything you do never seems to be good the person tries to measure you by other people standards,  physically abuses you at every turn  takes pride in  insulting you and even goes ahead to swear and curse and some time makes funny degrading jokes in-front of other people.
In Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship, Dr Erin Leonard describes what it means to be emotionally terrorized. Some emotionally toxic relationships make you feel like it’d be easier if you were physically abused because emotional and psychological abuse can leave wounds that feel even worse that physical pain. Dr. Erin Leonard gives a voice to the victims who suffer silently within the confines of this relationship dynamic.
I am not a marriage counselor or relationship pro adviser. I would like for you to let us know in the comment section what a toxic relationship is.


How to deal with a super toxic relationship

The first point of letting go of a super toxic relationship is to know that you are in one and that you have exceeded  your limit and to know that if you continue it might result into something  horrible.  The biggest obstacle to letting go of toxic relationships is because we let our own beliefs and thoughts stop us. We bring down our guard  and give up by believing we have no power to choose ahead. If we make up our mind that we have the strength to choose to do something about this relationship that is the first step of letting go of a super toxic relationship.

Tips for letting go of a super toxic relationship.

For the sake of this post letting go of a super toxic relationship does not mean leaving the relationship or marriage, it means making changes In your life to eliminate the toxic act between you and your partner.
But you should know when to back down. When to live especially if your life is on the line

The truth is that the toxic person in your life  actually is at fault but it’s a lie that you are helpless to make changes in your life. You have to take charge.
Letting go of toxic relationships isn’t about changing who they are. It’s about taking control of the things you can change. Dealing with toxic people isn’t about manipulating or controlling them…it’s about accepting and learning how to use the power you have when the situation arises

you need to talk to a counselor, a trusted friend or family member or even a coworker or a pastor Get help or you will stay stuck in a toxic relationship that doesn’t have to remain in your life.

This one is from my friend and mentor i do not allow my husband to make fun of me in front people. When we first got married he had tease me about “small” stuff in front of family and friends. It wasn’t funny to me. I found it hurtful and offensive – and I was embarrassed! So I asked him to stop. He’s an awesome man and he did break himself of the habit (he grew up in a family with lots of teasing, so it was normal to him). I had to set my boundary and firmly remind him of it a few times before he really got it.”
When we set boundaries we let our partner know what we want what we are comfortable with and how far stretched we are.

Please share with us in the comment section how you dealt with the toxic relationship in your life. Like I have always said am not a marriage counselor or a relationship pro I am learning in the process too  I want  our thoughts to give a voice to those people suffering from a super toxic relationship.

xoxo Cristina Vlad